About us

Hello there, I’m Chloe, the girl behind The Enchanted Tree. Growing up in the city, I knew very little about flowers though I’ve always found them somewhat magical – how every flower blooms differently yet possesses the same ability to change one’s mood and outlook for the better. Curiosity got the better of me and one fine day, instead of being jaded with the corporate world I decided instead to be enchanted. Taking a leap of faith, I enrolled myself into a floral design school and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 2015 and The Enchanted Tree opened its doors on the East Coast of Singapore. Disrupting the online florist market a little with the launch of our Daily Pick concept, we steadily and happily grew over time. Coupled with passion, sweat and attention to detail to our customers’ needs and wants, we couldn’t be happier to soon find others following in our footsteps. It only meant that affordable flowers for everyone, everyday (!) was being made possible, and no longer just a dream. That smile that comes with every bouquet of surprise is what fuels us and helps us bloom. It’s not just a stalk or a dozen or a bunch of flowers but instead a thousand fond memories for us to treasure. And it is with this belief that our work helps put a smile on your loved ones' face that keeps us reaching for the sky.

To live, love and bloom

We are inspired by Mother Nature. We explore and experiment with a wide mix of seasonal classics and exotic blooms that eventually defines our exquisite creations. In fact we are proud to proclaim that our forte is being able to marry seasonal and at times, exotic blooms in an organic botanical design with flair. We always aim to surprise and delight the receiver with the extraordinary. So, forget the “roses are red and violets are blue”, instead let's “paint with all the colours of the wind”! Every arrangement that we do is never the same, each impresses with its own character and je ne sais quoi.

Our beliefs

1. We want to make beautiful flowers accessible and affordable, everyday for everyone. We managed to do so, thanks to the unwavering support from our clients and we are humbled by your following. It spurs us on everyday to seek improvement in all aspects of our work.

2. Doing our part to reduce wastage and protect the environment by limiting the use of non-eco-friendly materials for our products like floral foam. We use mainly unbleached brown kraft papers to wrap our bouquets, and reusable and recyclable glass jars for our jar arrangements.

3. We like to keep things simple, for our clients at least. From product selection to online purchase, our product line-ups are limited to the stylish and contemporary, so you don’t waste time going through 100s of options and getting overwhelmed, only to have something delivered that looks more like one of those you didn’t pick! The Enchanted Tree experience and attention to customers have helped us distil choices into our few categories that we know will help you find what you need easily, so all you have to worry about is your message to put on the card.

4. We are not just about everyday flowers and Daily Picks; as a gift for all occasions, we also love being a part of once-in-a-lifetime events! So whether you’re preparing for a proposal, or anniversary, have a look around our Custom Order and Bridal Flowers options. Looking for something precise you have in mind? Give us a call and we would love to discuss how to make your special occasion even more memorable.

5. We do not compromise on quality, both product and service. Whether it is providing a little advice on the choice of flowers or in the way we handle each bloom, or making sure delivery is on time; we don’t just make do, we make sure we go the extra mile.