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Purple Violets Palette

Purple Violets Palette

Purple Violets Palette

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The symbol of royalty and nobility, purple is an acquired taste and appeals usually to the most dignified and wise. Mother Nature endows only the most precious sacred flowers with this rarely naturally-occurring colour. If you are lucky enough to be acquainted with an individual who sounds exactly like this, then this artfully crafted bouquet is the one you are looking for. Let it carry for you the words you wish to express to this very precious person in your life.

How It Works?
You know the vibe your special someone likes, but you don't know flowers very well - enter Palettes like Purple Violets! Pick your size and if you want a jar or a bouquet, and we'll do the rest and create an arrangement for you based on your chosen Palette!

What's in the Mix?
As we use the freshest blooms we can get our hands on, every Purple Violets arrangement will vary depending on the season and ocassion. What you receive will differ from the picture references, which are of Regular-sized arrangements we've done previously.

If a particular arrangement has caught your eye, or you have something specific in mind, please head over here to place a custom order enquiry and we'll get in touch!

Delivery info:
Your flowers will be delivered at any time between 10am to 6pm on the day you have selected. If you have specific timing requests, kindly refer to our delivery policy over here!

Change in Delivery Policy due to COVID-19 (effective 3 Apr 2020)
1. No deliveries to hospitals or any quarantine sites (e.g. NCID).
2. No signature required by recipient upon delivery - the delivery team will take a photograph as proof of delivery instead.
3. Flowers placed outside the door for recipients on Stay Home Notice/ Quarantine Order - do let us know if your recipient is on SHN/QO!

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Purple Violets Palette
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