Surprise Pick - Preserved

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Our Surprise Pick - Preserved is a longer lasting version of our popular pick-me-up surprises. If you are looking to make a lasting impression but have no idea what to get, this specially created dried and preserved assortment may be the perfect choice for you.

How it Works?
Pick the delivery date, place your order, and we'll craft a bouquet especially for your recipient's eyes only. It's that easy!

What's in the Mix?
Every arrangement is uniquely created based on the best blooms we can get our hands on. There are no fixed designs, so we can't tell you what's in your specific arrangement - and also to keep it as a Surprise that way! Some are mini replicas of our past Weekly Picks.

Please note that due to high volume of Surprise Picks - Preserved, we are unable to provide photos of the individual bouquets.

How big is a Surprise Pick - Preserved?
Each Surprise Pick - Preserved ($35) measures approximately 18cm (W) x 30cm (H). If you want a bigger bouquet or in a jar, you can opt for our Weekly Pick over here.

When will this be delivered?
Your flowers will be delivered at any time between 10am to 6pm on the day you have selected. If you have specific timing requests, kindly refer to our delivery policy over here before placing your order.

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