Daily Pick

Daily Pick

Send flowers each and every work day for just S$30. And that includes delivery. Our Daily Picks are wrapped in our signature brown paper and raffia, and you can choose to add a message for your recipient. You can also select "Send Another Day" to order our Daily Picks in advance. The style will be different to today’s pick, but just as beautiful.

Beautifully wrapped, freshly picked flowers just for your loved one, or even for yourself!
There's no need to worry about saving up for a bouquet or saving flowers for a special occasion because of our affordable bouquets!
(Prices are with delivery)

Choose to send flowers today, or another day! Order by 11am each day for same day delivery by:

  • 6:00pm for office addresses.
  • 8:00pm for residential addresses.

Picks are only available from Mondays - Fridays. As we wish to ensure that all orders are fulfilled consistently, kindly note that we are unable to cater for requests to deliver at specific timings. We appreciate your understanding on this.

For more information on our delivery policy, head over here!

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