Daily Pick (21.03.2019)

Daily Pick (21.03.2019)

Daily Pick (21.03.2019)

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Daily Pick (21 Mar): Pincushion with Phoenix and Matthiola.
(Actual shade of flowers and bloom size may differ from image).

The best of our daily selection of fresh seasonal blooms to delight your senses.

If you are clueless but would like a little adventure, our Daily Pick may just be perfect for you. Giving us a free hand to create and allowing us to select the palette and flowers, we pick a variety of gorgeous fresh blooms and foliage daily and design it in-house in our unique organic style with simplicity to exude the beauty of nature.

Please read:
1. A different style is put together every weekday, Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.
2. As we endeavour to use the freshest blooms we can get our hands on, the actual colour shades and bloom sizes may differ slightly from the pictures shown.
3. To upsize to a larger bouquet, just select Quantity 2.
4. If you’d like to pre-order our Daily Pick for delivery on another day, please click here.
5. Your flowers will be delivered by 6pm on the same day. We apologise we are unable to deliver at specific timings. For our delivery policy, please head over here!

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Daily Pick (21.03.2019)
Daily Pick (21.03.2019)
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